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Grow Your Youtube Channel

How to GROW Your YouTube Channel

How's your YouTube Channel doing lately? I bet that your subscriber count is either stuck or you're not getting that much subscribers at all, huh? How do I know that? Well, you landed on this page that will tell you how you will grow your channel fool-proof! I already helped thousands of people growing their YouTube Channel and so I will you.

You already did the first and most important step to grow your YouTube Channel, maybe without noticing. Exactly, you got out there and are searching for ways to grow it. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step", that's what Confucius the famous philosopher once said and you already did that first step by opening this page you're reading right now and when you stick to all the tips I give you below you will reach your goal, no matter of that's a thousand or a million subscribers.



Let me start out straight and bust a myth: You don't need more subscribers to get more views - video views generate subscribers!

Start seeing your videos as the perfect advertising platform for your channel. You have to convince a viewer who has never been in touch with your content so far to subscribe to your YouTube Channel in the time while this person watches one of your videos - that's all you got!

Do you want to grow your YouTube Channel? Then you need to get more views on your videos and make sure that you can make as many of the viewers convert to subscribers to your channel. With my tips on this page you will get that done!




A recent study showed that viewers are 3 times more likely to subscribe to your channel when they watch a second video from your channel, even when they have watched other videos in between? Also, viewers are also 5 times more likely to click on a video with a familiar branding from a video they have watched in the past, even when this video is not in the Top 3 of their search result?

Looking at how the human brain works explain this as well. Our brain is working on habits, often times sub-consciously and recognizes familiar things even when we don't recognize them actively. This means, your viewers brain will tell them to watch your video instead of other videos if it's able to establish a connection between a formerly watched video and the current search results.

This is the reason why brands exist and the reason why you also need to brand your channel, even your whole social identity for your channel. The better you do that, the more people will recognize your work in the future.

Branding is not complicated and you can also re-brand your stuff easily (well, you shouldn't do it too often) - the only important thing is that you do it consistently and in a professional way.







Infographic different sizes of different social media

example of youtube channel with the same branding through all channels

I personally know YouTubers that have been spending hundreds of Dollars for designers to brand their channel and I'm sure you don't want to spend that amount of money! Don't get me wrong, a good designer costs money and can create a great result, but if you're not very rich you simply can't afford that.

Don't let that stop you from branding!

You can get a great result without paying a designer and I don't mean taking a cheap designer (they do suck often times!), I mean using a social media kit and intro kit that you can easily customize with your image editing software and video editing tool that will give you a professional looking result.

social media branding kitThese kits cost less than $10 and will give you multiple layouts for all the different image sized there are next to YouTube like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.

You can easily customize them with your images and people will recognize your accounts across all media channels. I personally recommend you to use the ones on GraphicRiver because they really stand out and are sold at a reasonable prize.

You'll find hundreds of different kits there that you can check out in full detail before you need to choose one of them and they all feature all the different sizes that you need.


Now I will show you how you will make your videos look professional for very little money. The important things you will need are:

  1. An appealing Intro
  2. Lower Third, Transition & Side Info elements
  3. End Cards

Many people out there start designing them on their own, a huge mistake for two reasons! You will burn a lot of time, time you could have invested to produce awesome content, and the results will in almost all cases look like a toddler started using Powerpoint (the results won't look professional).

So here's what you do: you will get yourself a good looking pack of elements and then simply use them. You can always customize them easily and use your logo and your colors. Check out here some examples:


Good End Card

The End Card is one of the most important elements of your whole video. The people who see this one have been watching your whole video, so you can expect them to be very interested in your content - they are already waiting in line to subscribe so you can seal the deal in your End Card and tell them to subscribe! You can boost your new subscribers by 200% or even more simply by using a proper End Card, but also make sure to inculde your social media profiles there and also some video recommendations that fits to the video - this will make sure that also your views go up automatically.

Here comes the intro stuff from GraphicRiver

Example Clash With Ash Intro animation with the other ones who have the same on their videos



Are you one of those who halfheartedly enters the video description when publishing a new video? Your video description is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have and with only a few simple tricks you will boost the engagement rate for your videos (and therefore your channel) a lot.




the perfect YouTube description template

Boost With Contests By GLEAM.IO

Contests are an extremely powerful and cheap way to boost your YouTube Channel without big effort. You probably heard about this so many times (and probably tried it yourself in the past), but I'm sure you did it wrong!

better youtube competitions with gleam90% of the times when I see someone doing a contest, they are doing it wrong and miss out a lot of potentials. When you do a contest, you want not only to do a contest for the sake of doing a contest - when your only contest entry options are that your viewers should comment, like and subscribe, you're asking them to do exactly what they will always do. Your regular viewer is already somewhat engaged, already subscribed to your channel and also likes your videos, so all you will get is a small boost in comments and likes.

With GLEAM.IO, you can add much more options to your contest that will make the contest go more viral!

Regular Contest

When hosting a regular contest on YouTube, your options are limited

Contest with Gleam.io

GLEAM.IO gives you a ton of additional options to make your contest stand out

  • Ask for comment
  • Ask for like
  • Ask for subscribe
  • Comment Your Video
  • Ask for like
  • Subscribe to your channel
  • Watch your video
  • Facebook Like & Visit
  • Twitter Follow & Retweet
  • Google Plus +1
  • Instagram Follow & Like
  • Snapchat follow
  • Twitch Entry & Subscribe
  • + 17 more...
the advantages of using gleam for contest on youtube

The amazing part about GLEAM.IO is upfront that they handle all the entries with the different accounts of the participants and even let you choose them the winner. It will take you less than 10 minutes to set up your contest and make it look great. You don't need to create long lists of people and double-check if they really commented and subscribed - that's all done from GLEAM.IO.

More entries mean a higher chance of winning, so you can be sure that your viewers will try to finish as many as possible and some of them will bring their friends and followers to your YouTube Channel.

gleam competition resultsLet me show you the results from a channel I'm affiliated to from a recent giveaway competition. This channel had 35,000 subscribers and the competition not only was running 1 month (thanks to the daily check in bonus entry), it also got almost 15,000 actions.

You can click on the image to see the details.

This competition got me more than 2,000 newsletter subscribers, 1,000 Facebook Page Likes and 900 new subscribers to the channel on YouTube! In addition the poll gave valuable insights for future planning of the release schedule and the 800 clicks to the partner website earned me much more than GLEAM.IO Premium would cost me in 5 years.


The Basic Version of GLEAM.IO is totally free without a limit of contestant! Only some integrations need the upgrade to the Premium Plan which costs $39

Start using Gleam.io now

There's no trial and the Basic Version of Gleam.io is completely free, no matter how many people enter your competition or giveaway


Discuss Like Crazy!

You can promote your channel easily through other YouTube Channels that cover the same or a similar topic like your channel does. Imagine, there are hundreds or even thousands of people you can reach without a big effort. Please stop before now starting to spam comments like crazy and read the next few lines carefully.

commenting to promote your youtube channelI'm sure you have seen comments like this one on the right side a lot and asked yourself "How come this guy even does that, who would ever subscribe to him?" You're right, it's very unlikely that anybody will do because there's no reason to follow some begging and he throws away the extremely valuable first impression with his comment.

However, his strategy can be turned into a very well-working one without everyone feeling sorry for you like they probably do for him. All you need to do is showing all the readers there that your channel is worth watching and as your channel is about you, make them get interested in you.

The best way is by starting discussions or taking part in discussions - this shows everyone that you're smart, funny and definitely worth watching! more details plus examples (I follow when you lime me and other examples)


Optimize Your Channel Page

I already showed you above in the branding section how important your YouTube Channel Page really is, but there's also more about it than just branding.

For many people, it's the first thing they will ever see from you (maybe except a video), so here's where you can lose a lot of potential new subscribers to your channel easily when not setting your channel page up properly!




to be done.... your channel is the first thing fresh people will see...

... info video



Optimize Your End Card

Let's now talk about your End Card, also called Outro.

This is the very last thing that people will see in your videos and it's extremely important!

Why's that?

Imagine the whole process of converting someone into a new subscriber the same way as making a successful deal - and then ask yourself, are deals closed at the beginning or the end of an interaction? I think you know the answer.

No need to worry now, always remember that a person watching your End Card already watched your whole video so this person is interested in what you said and did in this video. This person now just needs a little push to become a new subscriber and that's what you will do with your End Card/Outro of your YouTube videos.

End Card Design & Template

Let's talk about design first!

I constantly see people simply throwing in some videos and a subscribe element over the last seconds and it looks, frankly spoken, simply messy. To be honest, when looking at this example on the right side, you get more the feeling you don't want to subscribe rather than subscribing.

The reason is it has to look great to seal the deal and not to scare off people who almost subscribed.


to be done.... your channel is the first thing fresh people will see...

... info video



SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

I know that you might want to run away simply by hearing the word "SEO" because it got discredited by too many bad and boring guides out there. There's a ton of stuff that belongs to optimizing in regards to the search engine(s) if you run a website - I know as I used to earn my money with this for many years - but as a Vlogger & YouTuber it's just a few things that really matter and they are easy to learn and even more easy and fast to apply.

Let's make it short, I'll show you what exactly you need to do and I can promise you that this will boost your views (and also subscriber count) by 10-50%. You want to people to find you and that's the easiest way to get tons of new subscribers.

Please keep in mind that search engine optimizations can take weeks to months to show their full effect, but trust me they WILL SHOW their effect. Just don't get frustrated because you don't see an improvement the next day after doing this


Channel Description

In the previous point, I've shown you how important your YouTube Channel Page is, so now that you optimized it you also want to get it ranked high in Google Search

Channel Description

You channel description....


Google lives by analyzing the content - and for written content, this works very good! Many people think that you only need to stuff keywords & tags and then get ranked for that keyword. WRONG! It's not 2005 anymore! Google does run your video during the upload through a voice recognizer and knows what words you use - and if the keyword you want to rank for is not in there a couple of time, it won't simply rank.

Boost Engagement Rate

SEO for YouTube videoThe more viewers interact with your videos, the higher it will rank in the search of YouTube (and also Google), so try to get as many comments and likes/dislikes. Exactly! Dislikes don't hurt you, they are actually as valuable as likes in terms of ranking. So many videos end with "please comment, like & subscribe" - better take the full juice and end your videos with a question and then "please let me know what you think in the comments and show your opinion with a Like or Dislike". This motivates your viewers even more because they also have the feeling they are not just "Likes-Donators" and you really want their input (even by risking to get a Dislike). SEO for YouTube ranking signals likes and dislikes  

Channel Description

You channel description....

Channel Description

You channel description....

Channel Description

You channel description....

Channel Description

You channel description....

Newsletter Marketing

Believe it or not, Newsletter Marketing is the most efficient way most websites and blogs use to drive traffic, engagement and revenue. Now Vlogging is relatively fresh but more than 95% of all vlogger simply ignore the fact how efficient newsletters can be.

Most of them think that it's super complicated or expensive but I can promise you that neither one of them is true - even the opposite! I can (and will) show you how to set it up in less than 1 hour and you don't even have to spend a single Dollar.

The advantages of email marketing are:

  • You can personalize email easily for higher engagement rates
  • Perfectly adjust the way your subscribers get messaged and the order they will get it (that's called Email Automation, more on that later)
  • Engaged Email Subscribers open each of your emails multiple times

Check out these numbers

6x more Clicks

Emails are 6 times more likely to get clicked compared to a Tweet

3x More Shares

Email subscribers are 3 times more likely sharing your content via social media

5x more views

Emails are 5 times more seen than a Facebook Post

$38 for $1 Spent

Email Marketing returns $38 for every Dollar spent

Every day you're not using Newsletter Marketing for your YouTube Channel, you'll miss out tons of views, likes, & shares!


I think you understand why there's so much power in this way of marketing. You don't need money nor a lot of time and you can set this all up to auto-pilot so it will drive you the additional views, likes and shares without any additional time needed! If you've partnered up with affiliate partners and earn money from promoting products, you will be stunned how much more sales you'll generate with email marketing. 72% people prefer to receive promotional content through email, compared to 17% who prefer social media.

hier sollte noch ein beispiel rein (a la ein freund von mir macht das und rockt das) mit bild

All you need to do is following these 3 simple steps and you have your own newsletter set up that will help you grow your channel:

Get Your Newsletter SEt Up In 3 StepsFollow these 3 steps

take 5 minutes....

Signup at MailerLite

Mailerlite is one of the best and affordable newsletter providers out there and I use it for years myself

Create Signup Page

Easily set up a Landing Page where people can sign up for your newsletter that you link to from your videos

Create automated newsletter

Now setup an automative newsletter that will send your latest videos and affiliated products to your subscribers' inboxes

This will take you less than 1 hour of your time and cost you exactly $0 to set up. You will be able to enjoy all features from MailerLite for free until you reach more than 1,000 Newsletter Subscribers. After that, there will be a small monthly fee, but with 1,000 subscribers you'll be earning much more than the fee will be!

Some more blabla

also many subscribers who are not regularly on youtube will get your message to their inbox

Sign up for a MailerLite Account

  • Free Account

    MailerLite is 100% free for your first 1,000 newsletter subscribers

Here comes the part how to set up a landing page and how to set up a newsletter RSS connected to youtube